Takeshi SUMI/澄毅

Born in Kyoto in 1981. Currently living in Paris. Artist and photographer. His works are mainly based on drawings and photography dedicated to the theme of "discovering the world beyond one’s eyes".

In his drawings, numerous hand-drawn lines cover the whole surface. When you look at them closely, such worlds of lines are reminiscent of nature, plants and life. In these worlds of interwoven, simple and yet delicate lines, there is a thrill of discovery of stepping into a new world.

The photographic compositions are created by making countless cuts with a cutter in paper with photos printed on it. When light comes through from behind, the rays of light start to resemble a wave. As the light changes due to the time or weather, the beauty of the works transforms as well, and it makes you feel like they are alive.

All works were created by the artist while treasuring the feeling at his fingertips and cherishing their originality and exquisite beauty.

Until now, he has been holding exhibitions in Paris, Kyoto and Tokyo. His range of works has been broadening as he has works that were used on the cover of a book by a writer who was a winner of the Naoki Prize, Japan’s most sought-after representative literary award, and have become a part of a private collection of the French fashion designer Agnès B.

2013-  Live and work in France and Japan
2010  Graduated from Tama art university
2004  Graduated from Meiji university
1981  Born in Kyoto Japan
Individual Exhibition
2020.03 Les Fantaisies Galerie Grand E'terna Paris
(Fingers snd Stars)
gallery Main Kyoto
2019.07 Fingers snd Stars Galerie Grand E'terna Paris
2016.10 Existence is beyond the
reflection and transmitted light
Shinpu-kan(gallery main) Kyoto
2015.03 Lumière et vous Galerie Grand E'terna Paris
2012.09 Look to the sky Overland Gallery Tokyo
2012.06 Fly in the Sky Port Gallery T Osaka
2011.11 Light is blank blanClass Yokohama
2011.04 light Port Gallery T Osaka
2010.11 meteo Project Gallery Brilliant Room Tokyo

Group Exhibition
Bunkamura Tokyo
2020.09 galleryMain archive project #1 gallery Main Kyoto
2019.03 Le Japon Orangerie-Espace Toulière Verrires
le Buisson
2018.10 Shibuy - Curiosité de Tokyo Paris Mairie du 4e Paris
2014.03 COLORS & SHADOWS in)(between gallery Paris
2012.12 Winter Group Show Satoshi Koyama Gallery Tokyo
2012.05 TOKYO-GA meets
111 Front Street NY
2012.01 Existence nagune Tokyo
2011.11 Tokyo-Ga Gallery21 Tokyo
2011.04 New cosmos of Photography
Osaka exhibition
ARTCOURT Gallery Osaka
2010.11 New cosmos of Photography Tokyo Photographic art Museum Tokyo
2008.03 30th Hitotsubo exhibition Guardian Garden Tokyo
2007.10 seven persons exhibition Gaerlly monde Tokyo

Art Fair
2017.11 fotofever LE CARROUSEL DU LOUVRE Paris
2016.09 affordable art fair NY
2012.11 no found photo fair Paris
2012.09 TOKYO PHOTO 2012 Roppongi Midtown Tokyo

2019.09 Fingers and Stars , LibroArte
2012.10 Fly in the sky , LibroArte

offering image
2019 Jyunjyo SHINDO "ビヘイビア" (japanese) , magazine"カドブンノベル" , KADOKAWA
2018 Rise SHIMAMOTO "匿名者のためのスピカ" (japanese) , Shoden-sya